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Rates Table房價表

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Phone / email Reservation:

◆  Please pay 30% of house prices as a deposit within three days after booking.
    If more than three days is not paid, we will automatically cancel the booking without notice.

◆  Remittance information Beneficiary:
   Beneficiary: Yaling Hotel Co.  ATM: 007
   Account Number: 821-10-016566 Penghu branch of First Bank

◆  If you complete the remittance, please call / email to let us know,
    including the remittance amount, remittance date,your account name and number, your reservation name.
    You can also fax remittance details, and indicate the above information, Fax: +886-6-9263515

Online booking:

◆  Yaling Hotel offers online reservation system can be booked directly after completion of VISA / MASTER / CUP card credit card online,
    click here Link Booking >>>