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Swimming Pool/SPA pool

◆ Opening Time:
Apr – Sep 08:00~22:00
Oct – Mar Pool not open

◆ Location: 3rd Floor

◆ Swimming pool rules:
1. Pool depth 120cm.
2. Follow the guidance and advice of the lifeguards.
3. poor health, suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease, infectious diseases, asthma, epilepsy,
    satiation after drinking, please do not enter the pool.
4. bathing before entering the pool
5. Not wearing a swimsuit, swimming trunks and swimming cap are prohibited into the pool.
6. Please do not bring food into the pool.
7. Do not run or play in the pool side.
8. Diving is prohibited.
9. To use floating objects, please obtain the prior consent of the management staff or lifeguards.
10. Children aged below 10 shall be accompanied by a parent or guardian to get into the pool.