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Seafood Cuisine

  • ♦ Detail
    We offers table food and à la carte.
    Table food for 10people/1 table
    NT$ 2000 ~ NT$ 5000 standard menu for your reference and there is also according to different needs to change.
  • Seafood crab pot
    (you can choose one big pot or two small pot)
    All these vegetables/rice/ juice/fruit

    Double Set 299$
    Fried rice noodles with pumpkin cushaw
    Plain stir-fry vagetables
    Fried Cuttlefish Ball 
    Seaweed and Bean Curd Soup with egg flower in thick broth

    For four persons 499$
    Cold Dishes
    Steaming Fish
    Plain stir-fry vagetables
    fried Pork belly with sour cabbage
    Clam with Ginger Soup

    For six persons 899$
    Cold Dishes
    Sweet-and-Sour Spareribs
    steamed shrimp
    Loofah clams
    House special tofu pot
    Fish ball with seaweed soup